Headspace: Guided Meditation App Reviews

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Day 5

Im loving this app! The animations are super fun and helpful and the instructions are so easy to follow. On Day 5 I already feel Im exploring different feelings during the practice and I cant wait for Day 6! I really feel this app can help me incorporate meditation in my routine for good! Thank you!


I really like how this app starts slow and explains meditation in a way that is understandable.

Great application

I love how convenient this app is. Wherever I am, I can get a few minutes of mindfulness in my day and recharge. Awesome guided meditations.

Good start!

I just finished day four of the "basics." I am really enjoying this wonderful activity in my mornings and crave to do more later in the day, but I want to finish the first ten days before purchasing anything more. His voice is so soothing with just the right amazing of guidance! This is the best mediation app I have ever used!

Zen Stress Case

I love this app. Ive been a lawyer for a decade and struggled to find ways to handle the pressure. I noticed a change in the way I felt after the very first day of meditating. I feel generally calmer and more engaged. Thank you, Andy.

The beginning of a new me

This app has changed my life in ways indescribable. I recommend this app to anyone and everyone I can. Never in my life have I been so centered with myself and my thoughts. This app has shown me what its like to be happy. If you are looking to make changes in yourself for the better of you and everyone around you subscribe to this app!

Highly Recommend

I havent used it a tone yet, but Im really enjoying this app. I suffer from anxiety and depression and I have noticed a lessening in my symptoms from just the little time Ive been using the app. Great job!

Interesting find for a non-meditating guy

I dont have a practice of meditation but Ive been curious, and decided to try it out through Headspace. Im only a few days in, but I already look forward to those few minutes of putting my mind at peace each day (which seems to happen immediately when I hear his voice and the accent now!). Ive also turned up the time, as it already seems too short (ok, 3 min to 5 min, so thats nothing, but for me 3 min alone with nothing but my thoughts is frequently torture!). Its been a really good find.

Love it

I feel peace after I am done with it every time.

An excellent must have

Everything about this app is excellent. The idea behind it, the presentation, the app build and visualization, audio quality, the approach of narration everything is truely professional. Everyone must give it a try its worth it.

Best of all

Excellent app. Unfortunately too expensive and I can only speak about the free classes, which are awesome! If I would sign and pay frequently for some app Im sure this would be the one ❤️

Just perfect

I love this app.


The best

Meditation made easy

I had tried to meditate in the past but it never really resonated with me until I found this program. Thank you, Andy, for this wonderful gift.

Adding Calmness

I have tried meditation on my own and using random choices of guided meditations off YouTube or insight timer. This has given me the chance to build a foundation and fill in gaps. The speed at which it is affecting my day to day mindfulness is good.

Game Changing

Helps me get my mind right and move through most anything with greater ease and contentment.

The best meditation app!

Ive tried other meditation apps and I would always end up coming back to Headspace. Andy just has a way of relaxing the mind and guiding you through to a healthier, happier mind.

Great place to start

Im not much into meditation, and this has helped me understand it more, and I actually look forward to using this program every morning now.

Best app ever

From the videos to the user experience this is the best app I have ever used.

Helps keep focused

Through using a app with such different subjects and insightful perspective on critical thinking, anyone who uses this app can find out about themselves if they submit to the process and admit it takes time.

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